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Things I planned to do over the weekend: Clean up apartment. Vacuum apartment. Do massive amount of laundry. Sit outside on the balcony with beer and a book.

Things I did over the weekend: Play Torchlight[1]. Test and tune MtG decks. Do enough laundry to make it to Thursday. Simulate apartment-cleaning by moving things around. Sit outside on the balcony etc. etc.[2]

Verdict: It'll do. But now I need another book.

[1] Brief review: For $10, it's an entertaining-enough way to pass some time. It's too easy, though.

[2] Namaah's Curse. Brief review: This iteration continues to be somewhat disappointing. Also the first three books by Devlin Monk, which fulfill my trashy urban fantasy quotient for the month. As the genre goes, they're pretty okay, which is, I suppose, a compliment of sorts.
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I'm still processing my coffee, what do you want from me?

I have made some observations about California. I will now share those.

Unwritten California Traffic Laws, #37: "Bike Lane" is a secret code for "Right Turn Lane".

UCTL #34: It's illegal to obstruct traffic at an intersection unless you're trying to get into an In-n-Out Burger.

UCTL #49: When a light turns green, the last car to make it to the next intersection loses. This is true even if the next light is still red.

UCTL #91: When changing lanes, a turn signal implies an indefinite number of subsequent lane changes followed optionally by a turn. Also, it counts if you signal while changing, or up to five seconds later.

In sad news, the Costa Mesa Omelette Parlor, which I'd been to twice and would happily have gone to every Sunday, lost their lease. Hopefully they'll reopen elsewhere.

The moving truck arrived on Sunday and it appears that the majority of my possessions have made it. The unboxing process continues. Apparently I own a lot of books.
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Settling in well enough. The local Target and I are becoming good friends, and all the stuff I brought with me in the car is more-or-less stashed appropriately, so just waiting for the truck to arrive. And my broadband.

Local CCG shop is about two miles from my apartment, which is nice; they pretty much only do CCGs and comics, but there's an RPG/board games place about eight miles out I haven't visited yet. Went there last night for a scheduled WOW draft, but turnout was... low. WOW Nationals is this weekend in Vegas, but it seems unlikely that people would be there already. Will give that another few weeks and see if there's some pickup. Instead did an MtG (Eldrazi) draft, which got some of the players who were just hanging out there.

I got curb-stomped (0-2, 0-2, and 2-0 against someone even worse than I was), but hey, it's my first competitive MTG event in like eight years.
Draft report lurks below. )
Local interest in MTG seemed reasonably high, with some side games of what sounded like Pokemon, which... whatever. There's another Eldrazi draft tonight that I'll probably head to, not having much else to do in the evenings.


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