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This concludes the final season of James: The Cleveland Years. We'd like to thank you for joining us, and invite you to tune in for the upcoming premier of James vs. Disneyland, featuring new adventures and new villains. And possibly fire and earthquakes, but hopefully not.
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MtG Online: Meh. Interface was manageable, but it's not so much fun I'm going to pay actual dollars for virtual cards so I can play against strangers I can't even make fun of in person.

Magic Workstation: Benefit is that it's free, until it gets C&D'd out of existence. But most of the games I saw online had comments that amounted to either "Srs T2 practice, no noobs" or "No blue, no land destruction, no decks I don't like." Also, again, strangers + online = not fun.

WoW CCG: I wish the heroes with alternate deckbuilding rules were more tournament viable. They definitely add some flavor and options to the game, but mostly they're strictly casual. Apparently MtG is going to release an Archenemy rules variant for 1 vs many multiplayer, which is slightly similar to the raid decks WoW has. I still think the WOW raid decks got more support, they're the most interesting element of the game.

Goals for Sunday: Donate the rest of the books I'm getting rid of (that I couldn't pawn off on friends), dump my heavily damaged old table, dump or donate the TV console, bug the friend who wants it into picking up the spare bed, and throw out another few garbage bags full of crap.

Goals for Tuesday: Charge the emergency car-jumper pack. Get a spare gasoline container, fill it, and trunk it. Get the TV and computer cabling taken down and packed, pack the fragile/expensive/irreplaceable stuff into the car, then fill the car with as many books as it will hold.

Goals for Wednesday: Leave.
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Better Than Expected: Starcraft 2. Many of the cripplingly stupid UI elements have been fixed. There is much howling that some of the micro is gone, but most of it is from people who want/expect it to behave exactly like SC1 in every way, except better, but not so much better that they have to learn anything new. And fuck those guys.

Pretty Okay I Guess: BattleTech. Kind of annoyed with the scenario book we're using right now. There's a game-in-progress on my table at home where I'm stuck trying to come up with stupid ways to destroy one mech without actually damaging it, because the withdrawal rules in this particular scenario let it flee the board once it's taken a certain amount of damage. If I kill it, I get roughly ALL THE POINTS, and if it successfully flees the board, I get NO POINTS. This, despite fairly well obliterating the rest of the opposing force. Stupid objectives are stupid.

Gone: My television. One fewer thing to move.

Games I Am Not Playing For A Few Weeks: Anything that requires a television.

Moving Update: May 25th is my last day in Cleveland. On that day, carnies will put everything I own into a truck and drive it straight into Lake Erie. The computer, the liquor, and the firesafe with all the proof that I am not a number, I am a human being will be in my trunk.

People Whose Fault It Is That I Still Want To Play Magic: The Gathering: [livejournal.com profile] montoya and Kenneth of Cleveland (not to be confused with any other Kenneths).
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Think I'm going to go with the place I looked at last night. Their 1 bedroom is a bit bigger than the previous cheap option for about the same rent, and the complex and management have a fantastic reputation. Erring on the side of cash -- $200/month in extra money is not a trivial amount. Besides, their laundry machines are, if still coin-operated, at least very, very large.

And I have an unnecessarily large television to buy.

Task when I get home: Toss out unreadably damaged paperbacks and winnow book collection for things to donate, in the service of a moving estimate that's sub-$2000. Because JFAM, moving people are all "Oh, books are so heavy." Wimps.

(Speaking of which, if anyone has had staggeringly good or bad experiences with moving companies, I could use some advice there. Most of the websites I've found are pretty panic-inducing, in a "you will never see your stuff again" way.)
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It even rained.

Lunch was In-n-Out Burger, which I was informed I couldn't pass up as it is some kind of local cultural icon. Dinner was Traditions, an Indian place Yelp pointed me at, with very tasty lamb vindaloo and garlic naan. Looked at three places in Costa Mesa and two in Newport Beach, two cities adjacent to Irvine. Looking at one more in Costa Mesa tonight, then driving out to Corona to see about that.

Details follow. )
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Dispatches from California.

Food -- Thank you, Yelp. Found the Costa Mesa Omelette Parlor for brunch on Sunday, and Thai Spice for dinner last night. Both very good.

Apartments -- Ah, yes, the reason I'm out here. Currently looking at apartments in Irvine, which is the ur-suburb); Costa Mesa, fairly nearby, a little more active and interesting, and slightly cheaper; and Corona, to which I'm driving out tomorrow. Corona is a much longer commute and offers a choice between a highway best described as a parking lot with road signs and one that charges me a buck each way. The advantage is massively cheaper rent. Will have to actually check the drive and see if it's worth it, especially after factoring in gas and tolls (and frustration).

Looked at three places yesterday, one in Costa Mesa, two in Irvine. Both the Irvine ones lacked in-unit laundry, which is very nearly a dealbreaker for me. One of them had a floor plan with a loft that would be worth it, except none of the units are available or coming up any time soon. The Costa Mesa one is in about the right price range, has in-unit laundry, is close to several useful places, and the complex grounds are very nice. Apartment's a little small and the floorplan's a little awkward, but between the three, it's the one I like. Will be looking at more Costa Mesa complexes today, and driving out to Corona tomorrow.

Final thought: There is a tipping point where additional lanes on a freeway stop being more efficient. I think that point is probably well shy of fourteen. Still, it's a very impressive freeway.

(EDIT: Fixed city name. Coronada is not a city.)
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Odds are good that someone who reads this knows where I should look for the State Of Modern Televisions. Being as I'm going to need a new one after I move.

BattleTech: Still fun! Even more fun when your best medium mech doesn't fall down on turn one moving into water. Grr. Also forgot that it plays a lot faster when you're not juggling some of the 3050+ tech like C3, Artemis IV FCS, and similar.
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