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Two MtG tournaments this weekend. Legacy last night, piloted Dredge to 3-0, won a bunch of packs. Vintage today, piloted Metalworker MUD to 7-0 (with only one game loss, in the finals) and won a Library of Alexandria.

There's a Legacy tourney next week for a Moat, so I'm happy with this trend.
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Got back from the card shop tonight and arrived in the middle of an impromptu apartment complex party. Someone had caught a bunch of fish and it was being grilled and eaten. There was alcohol. It was pretty awesome.

Trade pickup of the weekend: English Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed. Portal Three Kingdoms was a Magic set with an incredibly tiny print run, and mostly in Japanese and Chinese; the English language run was available only in Australia and New Zealand and not very common there. So scoring a Xiahou Dun was pretty awesome.

All the books I'm looking forward to come out in early November. Any recent sf/f suggestions to tide me over until then?
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The MtG trade binder continues to grow. Finally breaking into some Legacy staples, which is nice. Really need to get around to more of the shops in the area. There was a major Standard tournament on Saturday with some really nice prizing. Took 7th with green/blue Temple Titan Ramp. 3-2 record in Swiss, with crushing victories over major tier-1 decks and total losses to jank bullshit like Allies. Hate allies. Wish I could hate them to death.

First round in elimination: Allies. Goddamnit. Ah, well. Haven't found good sideboard tech yet, so while I'll keep testing, I may just shrug, admit I have a bad matchup against it, and move on. Dear Wizards: Reprint Maze of Ith, please.

That is all.
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Been improving my performance at the weekly MtG tournaments. Finally got the last few cards I needed to build a competant Standard control deck, which has helped -- it's, by far, the archetype I'm best at playing. Combo is more viscerally satisfying, because ripping a win out of nowhere on the back of a degenerate interaction is just neat; but it turns out I'm pretty awful at playing it. And worse, I'm bad at tuning combo decks.

Been playing Starcraft 2. It's fun.

Still no television.

Apparently Baen has an electronic ARC of Cryoburn available for $15. I haven't decided if it's worth it yet; I probably want it in hardcover regardless, and I'm not really inclined to buy it twice. On the other hand, it's available right now...

I still need to see Inception. Turns out it's difficult for me to work up the momentum to go see a movie by myself.
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Finally got around to putting some stuff up on my walls. Much of it was sitting in a pile mentally labelled "To go up on walls (whenever)." Well, now that pile is smaller.

Oh, there's still a pile. I'm only human.

Actually came out ahead on MtG over the weekend, due to a combination of unreasonably good luck and getting better at the game. Bought a box of M11 on Saturday and pulled several chase rares that made back the value of the box. The release event was that afternoon, and I went 4-0 with a very aggressive green/white deck. My victory was won on the backs of two Juggernauts and a Serra Angel, which... there's something very, very amusing about winning a modern release tournament with creatures I was putting in decks in fourth grade. Anyway, the prize packs were good to me and made up my entry fee and then some[1]. Did some trading to offload new hotness cards I don't care about for various older cards printed during my personal MtG interregnum.

No, I have not seen Inception yet. Yes, I'm going to go see it soon.

[1] In virtual cardboard money, of course. Which is exchangeable primarily for other cardboard.
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Went to the prerelease for the new MtG set on Sunday (format was six-booster sealed). Once again I proved my ability to pilot a reasonably excellent pile of cards into a fairly awful 2-2 result. 2-2 looks kinda okay until you realize that my victories were over (a) someone who opened the worst pool of sealed cards I've seen in many a year, and (b) an eight-year-old.

I can't complain too much, though, since my card pool value came out to about three times my entrance fee.

And... that's about it, really. I should probably buy that television. Any day now.
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I still suck at draft. However, I now have two cheap-ish decks (one Standard, one Legacy) built around stupid, stupid combos[1]. So hah.

There is a small WOW scene here, so I'm still playing that, but it doesn't seem very active. There's reportedly another shop further out that has more players, so I need to check that out.

[1]: Valakut ramp (land-based burn) and Dragonstorm (stack cheap spells then zomg dragons everywhere), for the curious. Also a dirt-cheap (I think it has two rares, both one-of and one of them is the free Garruk I got for buying the XBLA game) Big Green Fatty deck for the random multiplayer matches that spring up around the shop, since combo and multiplayer aren't a good mix.
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I am so awful that when someone passed me Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief, who absolutely beats face in limited, I still go 1-2. Though at least this time I remember to draft multiple victory conditions, fewer terrible cards, and leave room for more land and better mana fixing. Also went 2-0, 1-2, 0-2 in the matches instead of 0-2, 0-2, 2-0, which is slightly more favorable. I felt like my mistakes this time were smaller, and often play mistakes, instead of huge, gaping deck construction failures; the games were closer and I never got completely blown out or mana-hosed, even running three colors this time (GRB). That's progress.

I did have to laugh when the guy next to me tried the exact same Aura Gnarlid shenanigans I tried the night before and went 0-3 despite my passing him basically every Aura spell that came up.
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Settling in well enough. The local Target and I are becoming good friends, and all the stuff I brought with me in the car is more-or-less stashed appropriately, so just waiting for the truck to arrive. And my broadband.

Local CCG shop is about two miles from my apartment, which is nice; they pretty much only do CCGs and comics, but there's an RPG/board games place about eight miles out I haven't visited yet. Went there last night for a scheduled WOW draft, but turnout was... low. WOW Nationals is this weekend in Vegas, but it seems unlikely that people would be there already. Will give that another few weeks and see if there's some pickup. Instead did an MtG (Eldrazi) draft, which got some of the players who were just hanging out there.

I got curb-stomped (0-2, 0-2, and 2-0 against someone even worse than I was), but hey, it's my first competitive MTG event in like eight years.
Draft report lurks below. )
Local interest in MTG seemed reasonably high, with some side games of what sounded like Pokemon, which... whatever. There's another Eldrazi draft tonight that I'll probably head to, not having much else to do in the evenings.


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