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Better Than Expected: Starcraft 2. Many of the cripplingly stupid UI elements have been fixed. There is much howling that some of the micro is gone, but most of it is from people who want/expect it to behave exactly like SC1 in every way, except better, but not so much better that they have to learn anything new. And fuck those guys.

Pretty Okay I Guess: BattleTech. Kind of annoyed with the scenario book we're using right now. There's a game-in-progress on my table at home where I'm stuck trying to come up with stupid ways to destroy one mech without actually damaging it, because the withdrawal rules in this particular scenario let it flee the board once it's taken a certain amount of damage. If I kill it, I get roughly ALL THE POINTS, and if it successfully flees the board, I get NO POINTS. This, despite fairly well obliterating the rest of the opposing force. Stupid objectives are stupid.

Gone: My television. One fewer thing to move.

Games I Am Not Playing For A Few Weeks: Anything that requires a television.

Moving Update: May 25th is my last day in Cleveland. On that day, carnies will put everything I own into a truck and drive it straight into Lake Erie. The computer, the liquor, and the firesafe with all the proof that I am not a number, I am a human being will be in my trunk.

People Whose Fault It Is That I Still Want To Play Magic: The Gathering: [livejournal.com profile] montoya and Kenneth of Cleveland (not to be confused with any other Kenneths).


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