May. 21st, 2010

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MtG Online: Meh. Interface was manageable, but it's not so much fun I'm going to pay actual dollars for virtual cards so I can play against strangers I can't even make fun of in person.

Magic Workstation: Benefit is that it's free, until it gets C&D'd out of existence. But most of the games I saw online had comments that amounted to either "Srs T2 practice, no noobs" or "No blue, no land destruction, no decks I don't like." Also, again, strangers + online = not fun.

WoW CCG: I wish the heroes with alternate deckbuilding rules were more tournament viable. They definitely add some flavor and options to the game, but mostly they're strictly casual. Apparently MtG is going to release an Archenemy rules variant for 1 vs many multiplayer, which is slightly similar to the raid decks WoW has. I still think the WOW raid decks got more support, they're the most interesting element of the game.

Goals for Sunday: Donate the rest of the books I'm getting rid of (that I couldn't pawn off on friends), dump my heavily damaged old table, dump or donate the TV console, bug the friend who wants it into picking up the spare bed, and throw out another few garbage bags full of crap.

Goals for Tuesday: Charge the emergency car-jumper pack. Get a spare gasoline container, fill it, and trunk it. Get the TV and computer cabling taken down and packed, pack the fragile/expensive/irreplaceable stuff into the car, then fill the car with as many books as it will hold.

Goals for Wednesday: Leave.


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