Apr. 20th, 2010

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Dispatches from California.

Food -- Thank you, Yelp. Found the Costa Mesa Omelette Parlor for brunch on Sunday, and Thai Spice for dinner last night. Both very good.

Apartments -- Ah, yes, the reason I'm out here. Currently looking at apartments in Irvine, which is the ur-suburb); Costa Mesa, fairly nearby, a little more active and interesting, and slightly cheaper; and Corona, to which I'm driving out tomorrow. Corona is a much longer commute and offers a choice between a highway best described as a parking lot with road signs and one that charges me a buck each way. The advantage is massively cheaper rent. Will have to actually check the drive and see if it's worth it, especially after factoring in gas and tolls (and frustration).

Looked at three places yesterday, one in Costa Mesa, two in Irvine. Both the Irvine ones lacked in-unit laundry, which is very nearly a dealbreaker for me. One of them had a floor plan with a loft that would be worth it, except none of the units are available or coming up any time soon. The Costa Mesa one is in about the right price range, has in-unit laundry, is close to several useful places, and the complex grounds are very nice. Apartment's a little small and the floorplan's a little awkward, but between the three, it's the one I like. Will be looking at more Costa Mesa complexes today, and driving out to Corona tomorrow.

Final thought: There is a tipping point where additional lanes on a freeway stop being more efficient. I think that point is probably well shy of fourteen. Still, it's a very impressive freeway.

(EDIT: Fixed city name. Coronada is not a city.)


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