Mar. 9th, 2010

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I hadn't planned to buy it, at least not until it was on discount, but I am a weak and foolish person who habitually spends money on poor lifestyle decisions.


Final Fantasy XIII had better get balls-out brilliant sometime in the next 4-6 play hours to justify the reviews and impressions of it I've read.

The first two hours are literally and I am not inventing this: run forward, watch cutscene, press A until everything's dead, repeat. After that it starts adding actual things to do in combat (with laborious tutorials) and left and right turns (thankfully, no tutorials for those).

I should note this was not unexpected. I am not surprised. I am disappointed, but I knew what I was getting into. I'm just warning anyone who hasn't bought it yet and may be thinking that it was just game reviewer hyperbole: it is not.

I have read reviews from people I trust that the combat system eventually becomes an awesome thing, and I will admit, in the following 3 hours, fights got significantly more engaging as more options opened up. We shall see. As FFs go, right now it is not leading any races. Though, and I will give them this, there is the scene where the Squall hauls off and punches Zell in the face. I guess they have different names in this one? The point is, I think everyone who ever played FF8 wanted to do that and at last it has happened.

Seriously, though, whatever story they're telling, the first two hours are borderline unforgivable from a gameplay perspective.

PS: I guess there is a plot and some characters? It seems to be playing with the standard FF tropes a bit, but I'm too much of a pessimist to believe that they're actually going to do any real subversion of them. If the combat system continues to get better, I won't care that much.


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