Feb. 17th, 2010

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I have now successfully convinced Buzz to input my LJ and Die Pointy Hat blogs to my feed. Now if I can get it to output to Facebook, I will have achieved... something.

I have decided to upgrade my current Legend of Zelda game into a whole-series playthrough, or at least until I get bored. Things I will be skipping: the "second quest" of Legend of Zelda; Oracle of Ages/Seasons; Minish Cap. And if I manage to stay interested long enough to get to Twilight Princess, no guarantees I'll be finishing that one either.

Prediction: I will not like Majora's Mask any more than I did last time.

Have ordered Gears of War 2. If it does not rock my world, I will be severely disappointed.

A subset of things Mass Effect 2 does better than Dragonage: ME2 doesn't have mages who trivialize all of its fights even on the highest difficulty level. ME2 on Insanity is serious business.

I cannot explain why I spent three hours playing Monster Hunter last night. It is essentially a game where you go kill a lizard and dismember it for parts with which to build more efficient lizard-slaying swords with which to hunt bigger lizards. My only defense is that the actual process of stabbing is a hell of a lot of fun, in much the same way that playing (for example) Super Mario Bros. 3 is a lot of fun: it does what it does really, really well, with rock-solid controls and plenty of room for tactics and options. Sometimes, it really doesn't take anything more than a clean, functional, non-bullshit experience to make a game entertaining.

Anyway, that's why I haven't gotten back into Assassin's Creed 2.
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Finished Legend of Zelda (first quest only, I'm feeling nostalgic, not masochistic).

Final thoughts. )

Next: The Adventure of Link, a game far ahead of its time.

Okay, actually next, probably some Mass Effect 2. But tomorrow, more Zelda.


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