Feb. 12th, 2010

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I don't care about Bioshock 2. I thought the first one was fun, I didn't regret playing it, I don't feel the need to play it again, and I just can't get that excited about the sequel.

I also have no desire to return to Dragonage just yet, though I will at some point.

This is in stark contrast to Mass Effect 2, which despite having beaten once already, I only refrain from playing every evening because I am deliberately trying to clear out my backlog of unfinished games. Also because on Insanity, I die a lot, and it turns out my tolerance for sitting through a loading screen after dying in a zone before I respawn in the same zone is about three times per evening. Dear game developers: fucking stop that shit. Lrn2cache, nubs.

I'm moving away from MMOs: dropped my Eve sub, and am backing my WoW time down. They're just not hooking me anymore.

Re-played Braid last night. Still brilliant, and very entertaining on a gameplay level even when you already know the puzzle "solutions".

New Super Mario Bros. Wii has a stupid name, but is fun. It is not un-flawed. The power-ups are slightly too good, and the controls just feel the tiniest bit soggy; in particular, Mario has too much momentum. Still, the level design is good. Also, stop making me shake a controller to do shit. Controllers have buttons. Buttons are good.

The unfinished game I really want to get back to and finish is Prototype, which had some very solid gameplay, but the way it spaces out new abilities is annoying. Also Assassin's Creed 2, which had the unfortunate timing of being interrupted by ME2.

The unfinished game I don't care about is Zelda: Twilight Princess, because honestly, I've been playing the original Legend of Zelda and the SNES LoZ: Link to the Past lately and both are superior in every articulable way.

Should I buy Gears of War 2?

Bought a PSP and a half-dozen games for that, because (a) I have a trip to Japan coming up at the end of March and will need portable entertainment, if only for the flight; and (b) I'm out of DS games about which I give a crap (at least until they release another Castlevania on par with Order of Ecclesia). Also because the PSP has not only Final Fantasy Tactics (a genuine classic that is vanishingly hard to find in its original form), but also both Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night in the same box. That box is $11 retail.

That is all. Return to your lives, citizens.


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